M-102 Ramp over M-10

Project Description

This project included a deck replacement with widening, bridge cleaning and coating, substructure repairs, new approaches, utility coordination, traffic safety analysis, and maintaining traffic to S34 of 82112, WB M-102 Service Drive (8 Mile Rd) Ramp to NB M-10 over NB M-10 Service Drive Ramp (to Nine Mile Rd.). The bridge is located in a complex interchange with many constraints including an adjacent pump station, and an attenuator at the entrance approach. This was a fast track project which required the design to be complete in three months. This project was fast paced due to MDOT wanting to complete this work simultaneously with the adjacent structure. Design Exception Requests were completed for lane and shoulder widths, superelevation, the bridge cross-section (clear roadway ramp width) and the bridge substructure clearances.

RSE Scope of Service

Structural Service Details

  • Short & Medium Span Bridges
  • Project Details:

    Project Name: M-102 Ramp over M-10

    Service: Structural Design

    Location: Detroit, MI

    Design Schedule: 2009 to 2010

    Construction Est: $237,000

    Client: Michigan Department of Transportation