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Our professionals excel at providing engineering services related to roadway / civil, structural, traffic, and construction projects. We have extensive experience working on a broad range of infrastructure improvement projects throughout Michigan.

Our partnerships with clients include the federal government, state governments, various local agencies, the private sector, and other consultants.

Our performance has consistently demonstrated quality and leadership in providing innovative solutions to meet project challenges through streamlined processes and cutting edge technology built on sound engineering practices.

Roadway Engineering

•Roadway and Freeway Design
•Geometric Studies
•Parking Lots
•Site Development
•Drainage Studies and Design
•Utility Coordination
•Roadway Project Scoping
•Construction Staging
•Context Sensitive Design
•Roadway and Parking Lot Lighting

Traffic Engineering

•Freeway & Non-Freeway Signing
•Pavement Markings
•Transportation Management Plans (TMP) & Mobility Analyses
•Maintaining Traffic Plans and Provisions  
•Safety Studies & Crash Analyses
•Traffic Impact Studies
•Capacity Analyses
•Geometric Studies
•Traffic Signal Design and Operations
•Access Management

Structural Engineering

•Bridge Rehabilitation Design
•Design of New Bridges
•Culvert Design
•Structural Project Scoping
•Bridge Safety Inspection
•Specialty Walls, Supports & Foundations
•Structural Inspections and Studies
•Bridge Load Rating Analysis
•Building Design and Analyses
•Finite Element Analyses

Construction Engineering

•Road Construction Engineering
•Bridge Construction Inspection
•Engineering and Technical Assistance
•Traffic and Safety Inspection Services
•Material Inspection and Testing Services including density, concrete, HMA, & Aggregates
•Constructability Reviews
•Site Inspections